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How to pick the right rims for your car?

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When it comes to buying new wheels or rims, you likely spend most of your time thinking about how they will look. You want the new wheels and rims to turn heads, but there are many other factors that go into choosing custom wheels and rims.

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Before you start shopping for new wheels, it's important that you know the sizes of tires and wheels that will fit your vehicle. Most cars support a wide range of sizes, but knowing the proper rim width and wheel diameter will allow you to choose the ideal wheels for your car. The wheel diameter refers to the width of the wheel that's measured from the center of the rim to the point where it's visible from the front.

The rim width and diameter of your vehicle's tires can be found by looking at them. The measurements of the wheel's circumference and width are stamped on the wheel. This information can help you find the ideal size rims.


There are various kinds and sizes of rims available, and it's important to determine which one fits your vehicle the best. If you're planning on replacing the rims for aesthetic reasons, you might want to use the same size as the ones on your car. If you're looking to improve the car's performance and cornering, you might want to go for a wheel with a larger diameter.

Be aware that bigger wheels can lead to quicker wear out of your tires, and you may experience more bumps on the road. On the other hand, smaller wheels offer a more comfortable ride, though they can also decrease the handling of your vehicle.

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